Our operations

Derome’s production occurs close to the raw material and we are represented where our customers are based.

Businesses and product ranges within the Derome Group target different geographical areas. From Derome Byggvaror and Varbergshus who serve customers in the west of Sweden to Derome Timber and A-hus Professional who export sawn timber and timber houses. All are represented near our customers – either with Derome staff or through our wide network of retailers, representatives and estate agents.


The main facility with production and central warehouse is located in Derome in Halland and other production facilities are strategically located in southern and central Sweden as well as in Kalix. In Germany, the Derome group produces roof trusses in its own facility in Werder. It sells to the domestic market under the name Andersson Haus & Dach.


  • • 4 sawmills with planing mill, finger joint and the manufacture of tongue and groove roofing boards
  • • 2 impregnating plants
  • • 7 roof truss factories (four in Sweden, two in Norway and one in Germany)
  • • 6 facilities for prefab production of house elements
  • • 1 pellets factory
  • • 1 briquette plant
  • • 1 packaging factory