The Derome Group's Quality Policy

High quality - satisfied customers

The Derome Group shall always - by constantly focusing on the customer, manufacture and deliver according to the requirements and expectations of the timber, construction and biofuel markets.

The objective, which characterises our quality work, is to:
• through the delegation of responsibility, establish effective routines and by actively monitoring quality enhancing measures, produce a quality system which guarantees that our customers always receive products at the right time, to the right place and of the right quality.
• through systematic and constant improvement measures, continuously avoid and at the same time reduce our costs for quality deficiencies.
This is to be achieved through…
• all employees being aware that the customer is the “core” of our timber industrial operations and that the right quality is always the quality the customer has ordered.
• company management - in a positive and committed fashion - work to create the right conditions that mean the set quality objectives are attained.
• all employees are aware of their personal responsibility to ensure the right quality is produced. Everyone is to have knowledge of - both external and internal customer’s needs, requirements and expectations of the products and services we deliver.
• all employees assume that everything must be done correctly from the outset and that an error or mistake that occurs, is never repeated.
• all employees must immediately take the requisite measures when deficiencies on products/raw material/services or to the documentation for this are discovered.
The quality of the Derome Group is created through customer focus, personal responsibility, understanding and immediate action.


Magnus Andersson, CEO