Derome Timber

Our four sawmills produce a wide range of wood products for both the Swedish market and numerous export markets.

The Derome Timber division includes Derome's sawmill operation, biofuel production, raw material procurement and sales, and distribution of wood products and biofuels.

Further processing in Derome's four sawmills comprises planning, strength grading, finger jointing, making apertures and pressure-treating. Each plant is specialised, offering high quality timber products cost-effectively to businesses nationally and internationally.

Derome Timber also deals with raw material procurement for the Derome group. Forest owners in Western Sweden are offered a complete service under the Derome Forest brand.

Derome also offers pressure-treatment services to other sawmills and planing mills under the name of Woodtec. Brash, energy wood, stubble and industrial waste are made into biofuel and prepared heat. Pellets and briquettes are made from bi-products from Derome's sawmills. The strategy also includes restoring ash to the forest. Derome's objective is to be a comprehensive supplier of biofuels for the West Swedish market. 

About Derome Timber:
• Derome Forest - raw material purchase and full service forestry company
• Four sawmills; Anneberg, Derome, Kinnared and Maa
• High level of further processing
• Wood products and biofuel are sold and marketed under the Derome Timber brand
• Half of Derome Timber's wood products are exported to other countries in Europe, Asia, North Africa and the U.S.
• Pellets from our own factory are sold via a network of dealers under the Derome Pellets brand
• Woodtec - pressure-treatment plant in Varberg port