Construction system for multi-storey buildings

We are raising Sweden with timber.

One, two, four or all the way up to six stories. Derome offers a timber platform with three different construction systems. We wish to contribute to the development of a sustainable society.


We specialise in the construction of timber houses. Derome has the expertise and the resources to build timber-framed houses up to six storeys high. As a result, we’ve become a leading player in a national timber construction project for the promotion of the use of timber in buildings under construction. On an international basis, we participate in EU projects to develop tomorrow's energy efficient houses. We aim to be at the leading edge in the development of timber construction systems. This applies to houses as well as systems for the construction of multi-storey timber buildings.


Building timber homes is not only more environment-friendly than building concrete homes, the construction method also uses fewer resources than building with other materials. All framework is produced in our own factory and assembled on site.
We work with well known construction companies throughout Sweden when it comes to contracts. This enables us to guarantee consistently high quality products, from our house-building factory to the finished house or residential area.