Environment & Sustainability

We work with wood for a sustainable future

Environmental consciousness is one of Derome's core values. Our environmental engagement is under constant review and we work actively to ensure that the products we manufacture and sell can be reused or recycled with the lowest possible use of resources.

Our employees receive environmental training so that everyone is able to contribute to moving environmental management forward.

The raw material for our production derives from forests in our immediate surroundings. Each tree that is removed from the forest is replaced by a number of new trees. We process by-products from the forest and sawmills into biofuel and new energy. We are a major producer of biofuel and, besides our own operations, we provide housing and businesses with Bioenergy.

We build low-energy walls and passive houses to reduce energy consumption, and supply heating systems based on renewable energy sources. In addition to this, we focus on becoming self-sufficient in renewable electricity from wind power and other sources.

The bulk of our production is environmentally certified according to ISO 14001 and our product range includes eco-labelled wood products and energy-efficient homes. In order to continue reducing our environmental impact, we demand an environmental commitment from all our partners.