Guarantee conscious material choices

SundaHus Environmental data is the largest system on the market for health and environmental assessment of goods for the construction and property sector for new builds and renovation as well as operation.

SundaHus offers property owners security, now and in the future, through a wide range of services for conscious material choices. Using a web-based system and qualified guidance, SundaHus is a comprehensive solution to systematise the work to phase out hazardous substances throughout a building’s whole life cycle.

In Derome’s range of environmentally marked wood products, five of our most popular products in the SundaHus database are:
• Primed panels
• Construction timber
• Sawn and planed timber
• Roof trusses
• Tongue and groove roofing boards

SundaHus assesses a product based on the supplier’s documentation of the product together with the regulations in the Swedish Chemicals Agency’s Code of Statutes - KIFS, Swedish Chemicals Agency’s prioritisation guide - PRIO, and the databases N- and H-Class. For each product included in the SundaHus database there is an Environment data sheet that contains a summary of the product and its assessment.

More information about the products can be found at Derome Timber and at Derome Träteknik. The products can also be found in the Derome Byggvaror range.

Read more about SundaHus at (in swedish).