Wood for the future

An environment friendly alternative.

Of all building materials wood has a unique position. To construct of wood is environment friendly, and unlike other materials, to build timer houses contributes to a better environment due to the ability of wood to bind carbon dioxide. We have been building houses in timber for some time and are now also constructing multi-storey houses.

We run housing projects and develop residential areas with wood as the first choice and we excel in the industry thanks to our knowledge of constructing climate smart homes and sustainable communities in wood. We focus on sustainable construction – environmentally friendly, both socially and financially.

We have incorporated our knowledge and experience in innovative development projects such as One Tonne Life and NEED4B. Collaboration with, e.g. SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Volvo Cars, Vattenfall and others has helped us to currently offer and construct climate smart and energy efficient homes and contribute towards a sustainable future.

Derome has also had the privileged to be the driving force in a national timber construction project to promote the use of wood in construction; CBBT (The Centre for Wood Construction and Housing). The Derome Group also conducts its own internal development within the timber house sector, both in relation to small houses and concepts for multi-storey buildings.